Bladder / Prolapse

Our Urogynecology team at Women’s Health Advantage provides clinically advanced care to women who suffer from problems related to the bladder and other pelvic organs.

We provide the most innovative surgical and non-surgical treatment options for urogynecologic conditions, including minimally invasive and adjustable sling procedures as well as robotic surgery for prolapse. In addition, we coordinate pelvic floor physical therapy for a variety of conditions including pelvic floor dysfunction.

Urogynecology Services

New Patient Information

Our advanced team of specially trained and certified physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and medical assistants will provide you with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic options tailored to your needs.

Your initial evaluation may include a thorough history and physical exam, along with possible laboratory studies. Depending on your symptoms, your exam may also include studies such as Urodynamics, Cystoscopy, pelvic imaging with ultrasound, CT scan or MRI and Anorectal Manometry.