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The My WEIGHT>Loss Advantage plan provides the right amount of high quality protein.   Protein in the dietary intake is needed to protect vital organs and prevent loss of muscle mass while on a low-calorie diet.

The results are dramatic and if you do your part and learn while on the plan you will keep the weight off. The ingredients are not a secret. You can walk into our office and they will hand you a box of food and let you read the box yourself. It's a safe, medically supervised, 4 phase protocol.. I can absolutely explain the science behind the diet, why it works, and why I'm sure you've heard of our success. This diet is not unsafe in any way. It actually teaches you portion control, which carbohydrates you should consume in moderation / on occasion, how they affect blood sugar levels, and what sugar does to your body.

Some features of the protocol include eating 3 protein packets of highly absorbable protein (whey, soy, soy isolates and milk protein) are common ingredients. In addition to these 3 protein packets you are supposed to eat at least 4 cups of veggies, unlimited salads, lean proteins, olive oil, etc. You are NEVER hungry on this diet and the best part  of this diet plan is that, you are learning something from this protocol. You are learning portion control. You are learning which veggies affect insulin levels the least / most and what the high-carbohydrate, high sugar typical American diet is doing to your body. It’s not a secret or "scam"  to take your money.

The Science Behind The Diet: The body has 3 compartments of energy from which to draw to meet its metabolic needs, Carbohydrates, Muscle and Fats. Your body draws on these reserves in a very specific manner. Chronologically the body will draw on its carbohydrate reserve first before turning to muscle and fat. During the weight loss phase of the MWLA protocol we limit the carbohydrate intake to force the body to turn to its fats and muscle compartments. Because you are consuming MWLA High-Biological protein foods throughout the day, muscle mass loss will NOT occur, leaving the body to target ONLY fat. The MWLA protocol is NOT a high-protein diet in any way. We simply provide the body with an adequate amount of protein to ensure muscle is not lost.  You are restricting carbohydrates in the form of sugar, breads, rice, pasta, alcohol, dairy and fruit. This is a muscle-sparing Ketogenic diet (carbs are typically around 50) per day.

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