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Who should get a DEXA scan?
 Bone density testing is often recommended for women age 50 and over who are past menopause and have other risk factors for osteoporosis.  Testing is also recommended for all women over the age of 65, post menopausal women with fractures and women who have been on hormone replacement therapy for a long time.

How long does the DEXA scan take?
The DEXA scan is quick, easy and painless.  You simply relax on a cushioned bed while a scanner arm passes over your body.  Before the scan, you can eat and drink normally.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing with no metal, including zippers, snaps, buckles, underwire bras or jewelry.  The process takes from 10 to 20 minutes.

Understanding The Results
The DEXA scan measures the bone mineral density (BMD), which is then compared to the BMD of a young, healthy bone.  This result is called your T-score.  Your T-score may vary at different points in your body, which is why the DEXA scan generally covers your spine and hip.  At a follow-up appointment, your Women’s Health Advantage physician will discuss the results of the scan and your T-score with you.