Clinical Trials

Our primary goal and focus at Women’s Health Advantage is to promote the overall wellbeing of women. One way we do this is through clinical research of specific women’s health issues. We participate in clinical trials which are on the cutting edge of medical advancement.

A clinical trial is a study which tests the efficacy of new drugs, devices and innovative methods of treatment. After treatment and testing, these products may be approved for general use. Women’s Health Advantage is proud to contribute to medical advancements by participating in Phase II-III-IV trials.

Ongoing & Upcoming Studies

Trial Participation

Our extensive digital medical records system allows us to easily determine your eligibility
for participation in any given trial. We welcome women of all races, ethnicities and economic

By participating in a clinical trial, you make a valuable contribution to medical progress
and advancement. Trials give our patients and medical staff firsthand knowledge of
promising new drugs and medical devices. Clinical trials also allow us access to otherwise
unobtainable medications for our patients.

The research facility at Women’s Health Advantage is operated by a talented team of
Board Certified and Board Eligible physicians, nurse practitioners, certified nurse
midwives and other research personnel. Our lab is fully accredited with state-of-the-art
technology, dedicated office spaces and clinical monitors.

If you have questions and want to learn more about our clinical trials please call us at 260-432-4400 x6367 or x6357.