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To Our Patients and Your Growing Little Ones:

The physicians and health care providers at Women’s Health Advantage and Fort Wayne Perinatal Center are honored that you have chosen us to help bring your new little baby into this world. It is our mission to provide the highest quality, individualized care for you and to deliver your baby in the safest way possible. We strive to provide you with the education, care, and guidance you should expect during your pregnancy and labor process, while simultaneously empowering you to help manage your own care and make the best informed decisions. We will empower you with knowledge by keeping the dialogue open between you and your chosen physician.

As we are an independent group, this allows us to team up with different hospitals including Dupont Hospital, Parkview Regional Medical Center, and Lutheran Hospital to provide you with the ability to choose the location and system that are ideal for you.

Whether you desire a more natural birth or prefer a planned delivery to meet your particular family needs, we are here to do our very best to accommodate your preferences in the safest way possible. Open communication and an honest dialogue are the keystones of our philosophy. We want only the best for you and your baby!

Thank you for placing your trust in us!


Women’s Health Advantage Physicians
Fort Wayne Perinatal Center & Team Members