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Fees and Payment Policies

Women’s Health Advantage and Fort Wayne Perinatal Center will file your delivery charges to your insurance company once you have delivered. All other services, labs, ultrasounds, and non-stress tests will be filed to your insurance company at the time of service. In order for us to do this effectively, please bring your insurance card with you to every visit.

After your initial pregnancy visit, our billing department will contact your insurance company and obtain your maternity benefits for you. If you do not have 100% coverage, we will then pre-bill you for any co-insurance due. If you do not have any maternity insurance, we will pre-bill you for the entire fee. We do require that you make monthly payments on your estimate and have the balance paid in full by your due date. If you have an HSA/Flex card and prefer to wait until after the insurance company has processed your claim, please let us know. If you have any questions with this policy, please feel free to call our billing office.

Our fee for a vaginal delivery is $3500.00 and our fee for a Cesarean section delivery is $3800.00. This fee includes routine prenatal visits to the office, the delivery, hospital care following your delivery, and your post-partum exam. The following charges are NOT included: the initial confirmation of pregnancy visit, office visits for problems not related to the pregnancy (upper respiratory, vaginal infections, etc), gestational diabetes counseling, lab work, Pap smear, ultrasounds, non-stress tests, and injections. Charges for these services will be billed separately at the time of service and co-pays will be collected.

Also, some insurance companies do require prior notification of your pregnancy in order to receive your maximum benefits. Please call your insurance company to see if this is their policy. If you need help with this, we will be happy to assist.

If you have any questions regarding our fees or our payment policies, please do not hesitate to call the billing office directly at (260) 969-1263 or (260) 969-1264.